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Our best wishes for 2o17 and the story of 2o16

2o16 : a black year and a lost year.

Like the previous two years, it began with a winter without winter weather.
The kind of winter that people who work the land don’t like, mild and wet.

For us it was also a very sad winter, because on 2 March, Henry – my father-in-law and our grandfather – passed away.
For the past 15 years, his illness prevented him from continuing his work at the domaine, but he had already done so much before this.
He took over and built up the domaine. He, and a few other wine growers, created the Menetou-Salon appellation. He championed his Morogues terroirs and they became the reference for Sauvignon Blanc.
He gave us his passion, he was proud and happy to be a wine producer in Morogues and we are too.

The calendar went from winter to spring with no real change in the weather.
Rain, almost every day, accompanied us throughout the new year. April brought on the buds, but on the night of the 26th, it did its best to destroy them all. The soil, air and vegetation were saturated with moisture, and it only took the night of 26th to be clear and for the temperatures to drop to a few degrees below zero, for our entire production potential to be wiped out. The buds in all the domaine’s vineyards were completely destroyed. It took several weeks for them to start to peep through again, but we knew that these new 3rd and 4th generation buds would bear little fruit.

The rain stayed with us until early July which triggered a significant threat of mildew, demanding close surveillance and intensive work in the vineyards. It shouldn’t be forgotten that, even without a harvest to speak of, we have to plan for the years ahead and keep the vines in a healthy condition.
The last weather event before the harvest was a heatwave. It caused some “grillure” (grey marks on the leaves) in some plots and the evaporation of part of the small crop that remained.

We started harvesting on 4th October. Everything was downsized – the team of pickers, the team in the winery, the duration of the harvest, and, let’s face it, the joy that usually comes at this time of year of intensive but joyful work.

Let’s not talk about the yields, only the juices. These show aromatic maturity, with very good acidity, backed up by high degrees. It is a powerful, mouth-watering vintage.

The major feature of the 2016 harvest was our vat room for the white wine.
The main idea behind it is to provide us with the various size vats we need in our constant quest for an accurate identification of our terroirs.
The project had been under consideration for some years.
There we were, at the end of 2015, with the project ready and laid out on the large plans which we had spread out over our desks – a battery of vats of various sizes and smaller capacities, double the number of vats resulting in a slightly lower overall capacity. Having decided on the suppliers and agreed the work schedule (tight, but achievable), we got cracking! We rose to the challenge and everything was ready and waitingin September. Only the grapes were missing!
However, it allowed us to appreciate the project’s pertinence, because, despite having a harvest that was only 10% of the usual size, we were able to vinify our plots separately. The options and choices we had made were validated and all that remains is to try it all out again with a full harvest. Next year, we hope!

As is our custom at the end of every year, we invite you to share our wines, but only after we have first shared them out among you… sadly, we have no other choice.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support, and wish you a joyful festive season and a Happy (& fruitful) 2o17.

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