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Our best wishes for 2016

2o15 :

– The winter was not really cold
– Spring was beautiful and, like last year, required us to quickly reinforce our manpower in order to keep up with the vegetative growth
– It was a “real” summer, hot and dry. The last significant rainfall was in mid-June and then nothing until September.

They say that the vine does not fear drought – it’s true -; but the grapes themselves would have appreciated a few drops of water during the summer heatwave. But sun was all they got!

With this exceptional weather, the threat of mildew was almost zero and traditional vine diseases were easy to contain.
But, and there is a «but», by the middle of August we started seeing some symptoms of water stress on the young plants, which worried us a bit.

However, the plant has its own laws; observations and tastings of the grapes at the end of August confirmed that ripening had started, despite this water shortage, and that we needed to get organized for harvesting without delay.

In the early morning of 9 September, the pickers were ready and waiting. We picked healthy, sun-kissed Sauvignons and Pinot Noirs.The work on the sorting table was straightforward and fast.
As usual, 3 short weeks were needed to bring in the harvest, weeks during which the sun, clouds, showers and rainfall battled it out in the skies. With this solar vintage, the fermentations took their time: “in his experience, a guarantee of quality” Henry Pellé tells us.

Today the winery is quiet, the wine is made and the team is back working in the vineyards.
We have been enjoying the classic 2014 wines for several months now. This is a beautiful vintage with a subtle balance of freshness and maturity. The single vineyard wines are now coming through, showing the same characteristics, guided by the unique requirements of their terroirs; drink now (or hide away!).
We are counting on you to share them.
As this year comes to a close, our dearest wish for the world and everyone in it: peace in 2016.

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